AMERICA'S UNTOLD STORIES (AUS) with Eric Hunley and Mark Groubert explores history and pop-culture that is often unknown, obscure, or overlooked. Eric and Mark have done the "deep dive" on the JFK assassination - from J. D. Tippett to Ruth Paine.

ERIC HUNLEY is the host of Unstructured and the eponymous YouTube Channel Eric Hunley where he interviews a WIDE variety of folks from body language experts, to YouTube lawyers, to folks in 3 letter agencies



MARK GROUBERT, the self-defined Forrest Gump of pop-culture has lived through more events than a dozen folks have in their lifetimes. He's an investigative reporter/features writer for the LA Weekly and was editor of The Weekly World News in 2002. He's also written for Penthouse Magazine, High Times, LA City Beat, and many other publications. From 1994 to 2001 Groubert penned more than ten screenplays including The Recruit (2003), starring Colin Farrell and Al Pacino, and served as a script doctor on dozens of others.

Jim Garrison's Tonight Show Confrontation: The JFK Assassination Cover-Up


Jim Garrison's appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson following the NBC program "The JFK Conspiracy: The Case of Jim Garrison" was a pivotal moment in American television history. Garrison, vehemently criticizing the federal government and the CIA, presented his evidence and theories surrounding the JFK assassination, challenging the Warren Report's findings. He offered pictures of arrested suspects never shown before, asserting their connections to the CIA and suggesting a governmental cover-up led by the administration at the highest levels.

This episode stirred controversy, raising questions about transparency, truth, and the lengths to which governments might go to protect secrets. Garrison's assertions and Carson's probing questions left audiences intrigued, confused, but most importantly, questioning the official narrative of one of the most tragic events in American history. This historical appearance underscores the ongoing debate about the JFK assassination and the quest for truth amid a landscape of speculation and secrecy.

This footage was thought to be lost for decades!